PSD to XHTML Conversion

XHTML is the big in-thing in web designing these days. It is the fastest growing trend that has now become a highly sought after service. So what is XHTML, XHTML is an accepted standard (see, meaning that all of the newer browsers due for release in the future (such as newer version of IE, Netscape and Opera) will most definitely contain built-in support for XHTML.

There are many websites that display the “VALID XHTML” tags in the form of images, text and/or banners. This means that they conform to the W3C’s (World Wide Web Consortium) coding standards. To ensure that valid XHTML remains valid, W3C, an international standards organization, has laid out few rules for XHTML coding. Designers & Coders follow these rules/guidelines while coding XHTML.

Benefits of Web Design using XHTML with CSS

Transition to XML
The Web is moving to XML. By writing well–formed, valid XHTML pages is the easiest way to begin this transition step.

Faster Page Rendering
According to IBM, a switch to XHTML will improve the speed by which your pages load. Older HTML needs to be checked for unclosed tags, and all the rest. As you might expect, this slows down document parsing, and therefore, delays its browser display. XHTML parsing is faster, and the page displays more quickly (and almost identically across browsers).

Cleaner, More Logical Structure
XHTML brings uniformity to document structure. The rules of XHTML help restore the structural integrity of documents that was lost during the Web’s rapid commercial expansion between 1995 and 2003.

Increased Portability
Unlike old–style HTML pages, valid, well–formed XHTML documents can easily be “transported” to wireless devices, and other specialized web environments. Moreover, XHTML’s insistence on clean, rule–based markup helps avoid the kind of errors that can make web pages fail even in traditional browsers like Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and Opera.

Greater Accessibility
Because they follow strict rules and avoid non–standard markup, well–authored XHTML pages are more accessible than older HTML pages.

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