About Us

Technolyze is outsource web development and web hosting Provider located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We offer a full suite of services, such as web hosting, outsource web development, outsource website maintenance services since 2010.

We delivers creative, outside of the box web designs and solutions that reflect the personality, and vision of our clients. We are dedicated to helping you by leveraging cutting-edge web technology such as PHP, JAVA, .NET, and more in order to provide effective and efficient solutions for you.

We offer several services :

  • Outsource Web Development
  • Outsource Website Maintenance Services
  • Web Hosting & Domain

Technolyze is much more than a technology vendor. we become trusted friends to our clients, forging long term mutually profitable relationships.

Technolyze ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations by providing you with team of outsource web development services that reduce your costs and help with your business. Our philosophy and approach separate us from typical web developer companies and our services deliver results that make a difference. Because we are committed to developing long lasting relationships with our customers, we know that our success is based directly on your success.